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Legal, Links, and Sources

These pages contain the nitty gritty parts of the site. The "List of All Sources" page is in bibliographic format, and contains all of the books, magazines, and internet links that were used in the original site, as well as the book sources that were used in the new site. Because accurate records were not kept of citations six years ago, separating what sources were used where is not possible. "List of Sources by Page" contains all the new sources that were included in order to make the new version of this site (Winter 2002-03). It also contains all of the picture credits.

The "Legal & Copyright Info." gives the site policy on the use of materials and images. Some of the images used on this site from other places are copyrighted, and you must obtain permission from their owners to use them. When in doubt, please see the "List of Sources by Page" to go to the source of the link to read the site's copyright information. Finally, "Links" contains links to other educational sites on the internet.

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