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Legal and Copyright Information

Material Validity on This Site

The authors have made every attempt to supply only current and accurate information on this web site. However, as with all material posted on the internet, it is not peer-reviewed nor does it have a professional editor. Due to the dozens of pages on the site, it is possible that mistakes will come up.

If you believe (or know) that material is incorrect, please contact the main author, Stuart, or use the Feedback Form.

Use of Material From This Site

I am not a lawyer, but everything contained within this site is my intellectual property (IP) unless otherwise noted. As such, for all text and ideas used, I request that you give credit in the appropriate format, such as caption, citation, or bibliography. For the use of any images which bear a copyright of "Stuart J. Robbins," please e-mail me for permission to use them, and do not alter them in any manner.

That said, the material here is presented for academic use only, and therefore is not to be used for any commercial purpose, whatsoever.

Copyrighted Materials In Use on This Site

The material presented on this site that is not general knowledge has either been cited specifically on this page or is included in the bibliography page.

Any images that were not created by me are either from a NASA site, where images are free to be used for academic purposes, or I have obtained explicit permission from their author to use them. Therefore, if an image does not contain obvious copyright information, please look to the List of Sources by Page page, and if it did not come from a NASA site, then you must contact the original site owner for permission.

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